Spring Break Plans

Spring Break is coming up for all students at the University of Iowa, and SecSI’s looking forward to some time to kick back and relax. As a reminder to all our members, there will be almost no regular SecSI activities during Spring Break. Break goes from Saturday, March 14 until Sunday, March 22. Here’s a quick list of activities which will and will not be happening:

  • NO brunch Sunday, March 15
  • NO organizer meeting Sunday, March 15
  • NO study sessionSunday, March 15
  • NO regular meeting Tuesday, March 16
  • NO American Horror Story Thursday, March 19
  • MAYBE* brunch Sunday, March 22
  • NO organizer meeting Sunday, March 22
  • NO study session Sunday, March 15

*There’s no “official” SecSI brunch on the 22nd, but a couple members might be about the Bread Garden at our normal time (10:45 – 12:15 AM), so you’re more than welcome to poke around and try to find someone!

Our regular activities will resume promptly with our regular meeting on Tuesday, March 24, which will not be in the same place or at the same time, so read the newsletter!

Beyond all this, we’re hoping all our SecSI members have a fun and safe Spring Break. For tips on staying safe during break, check out some of the guidelines from IowaNow here!