Our New Website is Online!

Welcome to the SecSI website! Looking around, things might seem a bit different. We just launched our brand new website, designed by Ian Wold, our Public Relations Organizer. Our new website focuses on enhancing three major aspects: our events, our news, and our organization info.

We’ve got a brand new events page with a few major changes. First, we’re using a nice, big master Google Calendar. This allows you to see every single SecSI event that we’ve got planned and easily add it to your calendar if you’ve got a Google account. The page goes on further to explain the major public events we’ve got coming up, and gives details on each upcoming regular meeting. The page also neatly organizes the many regular and irregular events we have that fall under our community, service, and advocacy goals.

All of SecSI’s news will now be right here on our front page. Not only that, if you look to the right on the home page you’ll see our Twitter stream and a link to our Facebook. This focuses all our important news in one easy-to-find space. Even more news (and many articles from our members) can be found on our new Articles page, which condenses every post on the site into one stream of info. Easy to find, easy to see, easy to use.

Finally, all of our important organizational info can be found on our About page. You can browse a list of all the current organizers running SecSI, and view a history of past organizers. Our affiliates are also listed there. If you’re interested in becoming a member, we’ve got all the info you need to sign up and engage with us and our community right on our membership page. And if you’re trying to get a hold of SecSI in any way, the new contact page has any and all information you’ll need to reach us.

Another important point we hope to emphasize with our new website is transparency. All of our official documents are on a web service called OrgSync, which the University of Iowa uses to organize all of its student orgs. We’ve got links to all the popular documents in the footer, and if you can’t find what you want there, you can head over to our OrgSync and peruse our records to your heart’s content.

We’re continuing to develop this website to be as effective and engaging as possible. If you’ve got any issues using the site, or ideas for improvements to the site, shoot an email over to Ian at ian-wold@uiowa.edu. Thanks for checking out our website – we hope you’ll come back soon!