Membership Coordinator Elections

Are you an undergraduate or graduate/professional student member of SecSI who is looking to get more involved in the leadership of our group? As you know, we have started the process of selecting our officers, and right now we’re focusing on the Membership Coordinator position. The Membership Coordinator is an officer who represents the interests of the members at the officer board, and organizes membership outreach events (such as tabling at student org fairs). This is also the only elected position SecSI has.

If you’re interested in becoming Membership Coordinator, all you need to do is shoot an email to Aaron (our president), and say you’re interested in running. His email is He will reply asap with all the details you need to know about the election! The basic gist is the following: At the beginning of our meeting on March 8, we’ll be having “debates” of sorts with all the candidates for the position, as an opportunity for you to explain to the membership why you want the position, and allow the membership to ask you questions about your thoughts on the position. Of course, it is not required that you be there for the debates, but we do encourage it. Immediately after that meeting, a voting form on OrgSync will go live, and that’s how we’ll conduct the election.

Remember, democracy works best when there are more options – if you’re interested in the position, you should definitely run!