Constitutional Amendments Proposed

During the last two Organizer Meetings, the Organizer Board reviewed proposed amendments to SecSI’s Constitution. These amendments rewrite major sections of the Constitution, and introduce several new practices to the group. A short list of the major inclusions are:

  • Previously, only UI students were allowed SecSI membership. With these amendments, SecSI will allow a maximum of 20% of its membership (this number is set by University requirements) to be non-students.
  • All new Officers will be elected by the incumbent Officer Board.
  • “Assistant Officer” positions will be created to allow more members to serve in leadership positions.
  • The language of the Constitution was altered to use gender neutral terms.

Anyone interested in reading the proposed amendments may do so here. Questions, concerns, and the like from our members should be directed to Jeremy Vogel, our Membership Organizer, at