Why do people laugh at creationists?

“Why people laugh at creationists” is an enormously popular youtube series by Thunderf00t. In this series Thunderf00t takes creationist books, videos, and websites apart piece by piece to reveal their flaws.

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Thank Goodness.

Daniel Dennett’s “Thank Goodness” World renowned philosopher and outspoken atheist Daniel Dennett writes a gracious and riveting personal thank you to those who truly deserve it: to the emergency surgeons and nurses that saved his life.

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Hello, World!

Welcome to Secular Students at Iowa’s home on the web. This website represents our student organization, and features blog posts, events pages, images, external links, and other resources for both our members internally, and for the world at large. Our site is graciously hosted by a division of the university, is powered by WordPress, and […]

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