Apply for an Officer Position Today!

This Tuesday (3/8) we have just kicked off our Membership Coordinator elections, and we’ve now opened applications for all other available positions. Those include Vice President, Community Officer, Education Officer, Public Relations Coordinator, and Treasurer. If you’re interested in holding one of these positions please fill out our application here. Please fill out your application by Sunday, March 27. Note that the deadline has been extended to the 27th following some technical difficulties on OrgSync.

The duties of these positions are described here:

Vice President

  • Fulfills the duties of the President in their absence
  • Acts as the primary liaison to affiliate organizations and longterm collaborators
  • Acts as the primary representative to University student coalitions

Community Officer

  • Required to organize a minimum of one weekly community building event
  • Required to organize a minimum of two singular community building events per academic semester
  • Required to organize a minimum of one service event per academic semester

Education Officer

  • Organizes all public education and advocacy events
  • Explores ways to educate members and the public about scientific and critical thinking, secular values, and non-theistic views
  • Required to organize a minimum of one advocacy event each semester
  • Required to organize a minimum of two education meetings per semester

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Controls the outward-facing public image of the group
  • Acts as the primary representative to the public
  • Manages social media and other web assets
  • Maintains the Secular Students at Iowa website
  • Broadcasts news pertinent to Secular Students at Iowa
  • Creates advertising campaigns, advertising materials, and graphic assets for the group and specific events


  • Maintains all financial records of Secular Students at Iowa
  • Is responsible for submitting all budget requests, grant requests, and other funding requests to the appropriate organization
  • Advises the Officer Board on all financial matters
  • Responsible for fundraising events

After you fill out an application, you’ll be contacted by our President, Aaron McLaughlin, to set up a time to have an interview with the Officer Board for your position!