Month: August 2015

Constitutional Amendments Proposed

During the last two Organizer Meetings, the Organizer Board reviewed proposed amendments to SecSI’s Constitution. These amendments rewrite major sections of the Constitution, and introduce several new practices to the group. A short list of the major inclusions are: Previously, only UI students were allowed SecSI membership. With these amendments, SecSI will allow a maximum […]

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Students: Consider Membership in SecSI!

SecSI is an exciting and active organization that has a lot to offer. We hold regular weekly meetings to discuss intriguing topics, we build a strong community around regular activities, we take trips to cool places, and much more! If this is interesting to you, then you should definitely consider becoming a SecSI member! Becoming […]

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! The 2015-16 academic year is beginning, and it’s looking like it’ll be another great year for SecSI! We’re starting to get into the swing of things, and we hope you all can join us this year for more fun activities, discussions, volunteering, and learning. First, we’d like to invite any University student […]

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