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Secular Students at Iowa is a student organization at the University of Iowa, affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance. Our mission is to advocate for secular values and foster a positive secular community.


Apply for an Officer Position Today!

This Tuesday (3/8) we have just kicked off our Membership Coordinator elections, and we’ve now opened applications for all other available positions. Those include Vice President, Community Officer, Education Officer, Public Relations Coordinator, and Treasurer. If you’re interested in holding one of these positions please fill out our application here. Please fill out your application by Sunday, March 27. Note that the deadline has been extended to the 27th following some technical difficulties on OrgSync.

The duties of these positions are described here:

Vice President

  • Fulfills the duties of the President in their absence
  • Acts as the primary liaison to affiliate organizations and longterm collaborators
  • Acts as the primary representative to University student coalitions

Community Officer

  • Required to organize a minimum of one weekly community building event
  • Required to organize a minimum of two singular community building events per academic semester
  • Required to organize a minimum of one service event per academic semester

Education Officer

  • Organizes all public education and advocacy events
  • Explores ways to educate members and the public about scientific and critical thinking, secular values, and non-theistic views
  • Required to organize a minimum of one advocacy event each semester
  • Required to organize a minimum of two education meetings per semester

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Controls the outward-facing public image of the group
  • Acts as the primary representative to the public
  • Manages social media and other web assets
  • Maintains the Secular Students at Iowa website
  • Broadcasts news pertinent to Secular Students at Iowa
  • Creates advertising campaigns, advertising materials, and graphic assets for the group and specific events


  • Maintains all financial records of Secular Students at Iowa
  • Is responsible for submitting all budget requests, grant requests, and other funding requests to the appropriate organization
  • Advises the Officer Board on all financial matters
  • Responsible for fundraising events

After you fill out an application, you’ll be contacted by our President, Aaron McLaughlin, to set up a time to have an interview with the Officer Board for your position!

Membership Coordinator Elections

Are you an undergraduate or graduate/professional student member of SecSI who is looking to get more involved in the leadership of our group? As you know, we have started the process of selecting our officers, and right now we’re focusing on the Membership Coordinator position. The Membership Coordinator is an officer who represents the interests of the members at the officer board, and organizes membership outreach events (such as tabling at student org fairs). This is also the only elected position SecSI has.

If you’re interested in becoming Membership Coordinator, all you need to do is shoot an email to Aaron (our president), and say you’re interested in running. His email is He will reply asap with all the details you need to know about the election! The basic gist is the following: At the beginning of our meeting on March 8, we’ll be having “debates” of sorts with all the candidates for the position, as an opportunity for you to explain to the membership why you want the position, and allow the membership to ask you questions about your thoughts on the position. Of course, it is not required that you be there for the debates, but we do encourage it. Immediately after that meeting, a voting form on OrgSync will go live, and that’s how we’ll conduct the election.

Remember, democracy works best when there are more options – if you’re interested in the position, you should definitely run!

Winter Break Officer Transitions

As a new semester approaches, SecSI’s officer board is going to be going through some transitions. Daniel Valentin, our Education Coordinator, will be stepping up as our Vice President; Annie Gudenkauf, our Service Coordinator, will be stepping up as our Community Coordinator; and Thomas Panther, our Advocacy Coordinator, will be stepping up as our Education Coordinator. We wish these officers luck in their new positions!

In addition, Rachel Gibbons, our Vice President, and Nikki Battaglia, our Community Coordinator, will both be stepping down from the board. We would like to thank each of them for all they did for SecSI!

Two positions are now left vacant: those are the Service Coordinator and Advocacy Coordinator positions. The constitutional ammendment we made at the beginning of the semester will remove these two positions at the end of this academic year, so we have chosen to not fill either position.

We’re Going to Skepticon!

Hey members! We’re going to be taking a trip to Skepticon 2016! We’ll be leaving at different times on Friday, November 13, and returning on Sunday, November 15. Any members are welcome to join us. If you’re interested in going, please email Hayley Callaway at

Graveyard of the Gods

On Friday, October 30th, SecSI will be hosting a Graveyard of the Gods on the Pentacrest West Lawn from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, as a farewell to the thousands of gods which have been forgotten throughout history. The display will demonstrate that many gods from all cultures are no longer worshiped or have faded in popularity.

The event is not an attack on religion, but a way to demonstrate that Blaise Pascal’s infamous Wager doesn’t work – primarily because it assumes only one possible god to bet on.

SecSI will have a table along with free Halloween candy and a variety of interesting secular literature.

This display is part of a national event run by the Secular Student Alliance, a non-profit that supports secular student groups, including SecSI, all over the country.

The Iowa City Press Citizen has written a piece detailing the event here.

If you’re interested in going, please RSVP on the Facebook event here.


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